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Pet Owners Need To Know About Coronavirus In Dogs

When it comes to coronavirus in dogs, usually puppes are the ones battling the disease

. The intestinal lining is targeted directly by the infection. It's possible that an infection will only cause mild symptoms, but it's also possible that the dog will develop a severe case of the disease.

The virus usually infects dogs after they come into contact with feces that's harboring it. The virus can enter the body after the dog sticks his nose in the feces or chooses to lick it. Infection by this virus may not cause your dog to get sick at all. The virus can easily cause problems in puppies that are less than three months old though. Some dogs won't be strong enough to recover from a bout with this disease and will die from their affliction.

Diarrhea which ranges from mild to severe is one of the most prominent signs of this condition. It's also common for there to be traces of blood or a foul odor with the stool. Some of the other common symptoms of this condition include loss of appetite, depression, and nausea. Vomiting isn't usually common, but it can also occur.

Coronavirus in dogs causes many of the same signs as parvovirus, although not quite as severe. To ensure that the more serious disease isn't really the problem, the vet will have to conduct tests. Other causes such as gastroenteritis may also be to blame, so they need to be ruled out as well. To help get an accurate diagnosis, some of the tests conducted will include abdominal x-rays, stool tests, blood tests, and physical exams.

As is the case with many types of viruses, there is no specific treatment for canine coronavirus. Dogs will mainly need to be provided with supportive care. Dogs, especially younger dogs, can easily become dehydrated. To make sure that dehydration isn't allowed to set in, intraveneous or subcutaneous fluids may be given.

Dog owners should be aware that coronavirus can be prevented with proper vaccination. These vaccines can help protect dogs of all ages. It's also important to note that residents of certain parts of the country will have larger problems with this virus than others. If you live in one of these areas, then it will be even more important to keep the vaccination schedule up-to-date.

by:D Swain
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