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No Danger Of Thefts - With Professional Safety Technology

Every two minutes a home or business is broken into

. For your protection, Conrad Electronic, a specialist in security solutions, is offering reliable and powerful technology, which is also very user friendly and easy to operate. Ask for our radio alarm systems from any good electronics store or surveillance shop- they combine proven cable and 868MHz radio frequency technology at a competitive price. They are easy to assemble and can be expanded with high quality components. The right security system makes all the difference!

Security for all - burglars fail due to modern security technology.

In Germany, there is a burglary every two minutes on average. Per year, the resulting damage suffered by the insurers is more than 800 million euros. The average loss in a burglary is around 1000 euros. Reason enough to protect your valuables with sophisticated security technology.

Modern security technology has been proven to hamper burglars and prevent many burglaries. This is according to police crime statistics. According to experts, the observable fall in burglaries in recent years is mainly due to the improved safety of businesses and homes. While the number of burglaries decreased in the past three years, the number of attempted, but aborted, burglaries increased. This shows that burglars are increasingly failing due to modern security technology, such as alarm systems.

Essential for both homes and businesses

Private and commercial properties both need alarms for protection. The goods most stolen in the last few years were notebooks and other high-tech equipment. Permanently mounted safes are less likely to be broken into, as the average intruder is in a hurry. The average burglary takes only 5 minutes. In addition, half of all burglaries are committed by burglars who spontaneously decide to break into a property that seems unprotected.

A dog is not enough

Often hears that a watchdog is like a "living alarm" in terms of security. If the property is somewhere remote, this is a useful addition in the opinion of the police, but not enough, as the only measure. Anyone who has breached the building will also find a way to fend the dog off, and then easily burgle the premises.

Without cable stress

A reason why homeowners are still reluctant to purchase an alarm system is the supposed expensive installation of cable connections in all the rooms, on every window and on every door. These cables did not look good exposed. So, in the recent past ducts were used to hide these; but you had to often demolish existing walls to install the ducts. The ducts accumulated dirt and generated noise at times. However, this is now no longer necessary. With modern wireless technology, such as the alarm system Secvest2WAY Abus, which you can get from any high end Surveillance Shop , security systems can now be installed without any changes to the building.

All types of premises are at risk

Each industry and each company needs individualized security solutions. For its not only trade buildings that are at risk. Besides traditional targets such as malls, banks or shopping centers are others, such as doctors, pharmacists and architects. It often involves the loss of valuable data through the destruction of office equipment including computers and servers. Loss of this data affects the close relationships of people and businesses. Insurance can compensate for the physical damage and monetary loss, but sentimental value cannot ever be recovered. Current preventive security technology not only helps to keep out criminals, but also leads to an increased detection rate through the use of devices like video and microphone monitoring.

So keeping in mind all the above points, stop delaying and get an advanced security solution from a reputed and high-end Electronics Store or surveillance shop right away. Who knows, your building may be being targeted by burglars even as you read this

by:Robert Wiz
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