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Look From Market Demand Led Lighting Circuit Design

Look from market demand LED lighting circuit design

led grow lights although after the potential value, the industry is also in the area of the LED chip put a lot of effort, but the circuit design, it is still driven LED light source 's important role, even if the chip and package as well, the circuit design is poor in vain, generally, LED lighting circuit design still off the volume, cost several essential points, but PFC is also an important reference index of.

From the overall led illuminazione system to observe, LED chip and packaging sector accounted for the overall cost quite a high proportion, however, circuit design, although the proportion is not high, but it is saving energy and carbon demand relationship, how to reduce the power consumption in power becomes the industry must think about the subject, but another, LED lighting is also facing to cost, service life and volume and many other design requirements, at the same time facing many requirements, system industry will also be pressure onto the semiconductor industry, also let the semiconductor industry in providing solutions also faces some challenges. Semiconductor operations and consumer product business group technical marketing manager Lin Zhiyan pointed out, his observation, the lighting industry for the circuit design is quite strange, this kind of problem, usually by the semiconductor industry to think of the solution, and the lighting industry to be able to spend more effort in mechanism, optical, heat dissipation and exterior design, to achieve the twice the result with half the effort.

Lin Zhiyan further pointed out that, due to the lighting industry for circuit design is quite strange, but in order to meet the appearance or institutions design requirements, the semiconductor industry must stand in line with the point of view as much as possible to help customers solve all problems, plus it requires rapid production, in the development of circuit board design, but also as far forward as possible to" shipped immediately" as the goal, as far as possible in the shortest time to enter the export procedures.

Application of different circuit design concept is also a slight difference

LED lighting applications can be broadly divided into indoor, outdoor and vehicle lighting type, although the three fields can be subdivided considerably more categories, but the total return, the circuit design is not much different, more have differences, mostly in the operating temperature, the system volume, reliability and cost and other factors. For example, indoor lighting applications, such as household or commercial areas, will be more pay attention to the cost and volume of the system problems, if the outdoor lighting, may not need to consider the cost, but in the operation temperature and reliability etc, will be relatively less important. As for the vehicle lighting, although without AC-DC component to help, but after all, and personal safety are highly correlated, the reliability and the service life and other aspects will be special requirements.

Indoor and outdoor requirements of different

Outdoor lighting and interior compared to its operating environment, more stringent, supply industry level gap larger, but at this stage of the outdoor lighting is a relatively clear standard, expected future outdoor lighting market to grow further, still need a period of time. But leave away in the environment does not talk, in fact, outdoor lighting power demand is high, the main reason is that LED light more, in series, power will increase, if in a parallel manner, will face the turn-on voltage problem, so to go outdoor lighting development, its solution must be relatively complete, to meet the design requirements.

Indoor and outdoor lighting will need the AC-DC component, to DC conversion, but still need help with DC-DC light LED light source, although the two types of components are very important, but the former must bear the weight of 110V or 220V high voltage, it is not easy to enter the threshold, the latter into the threshold low, competition is more intense.

IR ( International Rectifier company ) LED manager Peter Green said, indoor and outdoor LED lighting will choose Offline circuit, and generally depends on the power size and application security requirements. In low power applications, not without isolation conditions using a buck converter, is the need to separate but adopts flyback converter. External device may need more isolation, because they must be able to moisture, in order to prevent the risk of electric shock.

In the larger LED lighting apparatus, such as street lighting, its power is generally more than 50W, the isolation design will likely adopt a includes front and back stage two stage power architecture. The class will provide the power factor correction, and then the end will provide isolation and the regulation of current, to drive the LED load.

On the circuit design, outdoor and indoor lighting is not much difference, the main difference is in the operating temperature, about 85 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius, but if the Japanese region, may be as high as 125 degrees to the horizontal, the visible light to outdoor temperature operating requirements, the threshold is very high. Outdoor lighting in addition to operating temperature requirements, in safety is almost comparable with industrial grade match, whether in reliability, product life or prevent thunder earnestly, these are also the outdoor lighting the need to take account of the place.

Vehicle lighting requirements are different security remains the primary consideration

As for the vehicle lighting, will also have the temperature requirements, the United States National Semiconductor ( NS ) Asia-Pacific Senior Marketing Engineer Chen Guangji said, the vehicle lighting without the use of AC ( alternating current), directly by the 12V DC ( DC), the circuit design is relatively easy, but a general vehicle lighting temperature requirement is approximately 105 degrees Celsius, and the changes in temperature will affect the power supply stability, moreover, the application environment is belongs to the vehicle field, also taking into account the security, reliability, service life and stability requirements, so the circuit design difficulty is not inferior to other applications.

Peter Green also added that points out, LED automotive drive adopts low voltage DC power, these applications in the tail lights, interior lights, headlights and display backlight have considerable respectively. On the part of the application, low current LED using simple linear adjustment has enough. In other cases, such as in the power of relatively high headlamp applications, requires a switch mode power supply, and can adopt several possible circuit topology, including boosting, buck-boost or SEPIC. This LED driver need to be able to afford the car may occur in the high voltage surge.

PFC requirements vary but tend to be consistent

It is worth mentioning that, due to the PFC ( power factor correction ) has become one of the concerned led illuminazione reference value, PFC value is higher, make circuit design more and more complicated, is virtually increased costs, but this practice, will sacrifice system area, for home and commercial lighting lighting system a very high design difficulty, especially in Japan, PFC numerical requirements have been improving, this also makes semiconductor industry big nerve-racking.

NXP semiconductors ( NXP ) Greater China lighting product marketing senior manager Chen Rong thinks, different national policies and regulations have difference each, like a Japanese policy run earlier in time, whether it is T5, T8 had started to import the LED light source, but also to try the LED lighting and intelligent and wireless radio frequency and other functions, to enhance the added value of LED lighting, also because of so, plus Japan long hold key LED patent, if foreign semiconductor industry to enter the Japanese market, will inevitably face compatibility issues, it is not all of the first semiconductor industry will be able to do.

Chen Rong also points out further, recently South Korean in the LED lighting, there is also considerable attention, in the formulation of standards on the fixing PFC must also high amounts to 0.9 above, this action, but also improve the access threshold, but due to the Asian region of LED lighting development, mostly by the government to the dominant, PFC value improve, means that the cost of the circuit will also increase, the overall development, not very favorable, the future government's attitude remains Asian LED lighting market development observation index of.

From the application perspective, PFC is a LED lighting circuit is one of the key design, power point of view, below 15 watts lighting applications need high PFC value, even without taking into account, it still depends on the needs of customers, but her understanding, even 3 to 5 watts of industrial lighting, now begin to have the PFC requirements, its numerical requirements of high reaches about 0.9.

Thus, LED lighting circuit design, although the proportion of overall system cost is not high, but the challenge is not inferior to improve the luminous efficiency of LED, although the application of different face, considering design conditions are also somewhat difference, but it is known that, PFC, LED lighting future is indispensable circuit design of.


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