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Face Recognition System: Accuracy Beyond Imagination (Hello-cam)

It is easy to find a biometric security system in day to day life

, nowadays. Gone are the days when they used to be a thing of the science fiction movies! Today, it can be easily found in corporate offices and government offices. It helps in securing the premise as it prevents identity theft. It can be integrated with various applications like time attendance, access control, and visitor management; and utilized in various sectors. It is fast, hassle-free, and above all accurate.

Biometric face recognition is especially an advanced technology. It scans the unique and permanent facial characteristics of an individual. It stores the facial details as face templates of an individual in the large database of the face recognition system. This is the enrollment process. Next time onwards, whenever the individual looks before the camera, his face will be recognized by the system. Identity will be marked on his behalf.

This technology is developing day by day in modern times. You can easily spot a face recognition system in large corporate offices. They are also installed in high profile government sectors containing sensitive data. The reason for its wide popularity can be credited to its reliability. It is a highly accurate mechanism. Modern applications promise 99 percent accuracy. No two individuals have identical faces and hence, it is nearly impossible for the system to fail.

The below mentioned points may justify its vendors claim of accuracy:

*It is hard to cheat the system. Unlike other technologies like a fingerprint device, it cannot be fooled by making a replica of the original body part. Fingerprint devices can be fooled with a latex finger. However, the case is not the same with biometric face recognition. It is not possible to duplicate the facial details of an individual as it is stored in the database. Malicious elements may have a tough time trying to make their way through.


*Possibilities of the face recognition system failing to identify correctly is very rare. No doubt, inappropriate lighting conditions, wearing dark colored glasses, low resolution cameras, and other factors may lead to the system rejecting an enrolled face sometimes. However, this hardly happens in the majority of cases. Vendors guarantee 99 percent accuracy from the end of the application.

*Identical twins have indistinguishable faces. Still, the face recognition system can recognize one from the other easily. Premise owners using biometric face recognition technology agree to this statement. They have themselves experienced that the system can even recognize identical twins correctly. However, this is possible only with good quality applications.


It cannot be denied that face recognition system provides accuracy beyond imagination. It is the best security measure that can be employed for identity verification. No wonder, its use is increasing in day to day life. Spotting this mechanism in cities has become easy. Accuracy plays a major role behind its success. Since the system is an effective shield against identity theft, more and more companies are adopting it in their day to day use. The day is not far, when this technology will be as common as a computer in an office.

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