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Electronic Pets Toys Are Also Popular Toys For Kids

At one time, the best toys for kids are all from the nature such as the mud

, branches and so on, however, with the acceleration of the urbanization process, these natural objects are slowly fade out of sight and electronic pets toys gradually replace their position.

In 1996, Bandai, the largest toy company in Japan had launched the egg-shaped Tamagotchi toy, which once swept the world and has resulted in the Tamagotchi trend all over the world. When playing with such Tamagotchi, player should keep on feeding, cleaning and other activities.

Before the counterfeit electronic goods appeared in the toys market, the price of one simple electronic toys which are made from a simple circuit board and two plastic shell is 50 U S dollar and more. The business turnover of such Tamagotchi toy by Bandai was at least 40 million dollars. Accidentally, the Tamagotchi is just the beginning of the electronic pets toys in the world. A few days later, there are electronic dog, electronic dinosaur and other electronic pets in the toys market, what's more, most of them are injected human emotions. For example, if they are not fed well, they would not grow very well and could even die. Therefore the players of electronic pets should take good care of them just like taking care the real pets. In 2004, the Bandai launched Tamagotchi Plus and the sales volume in only 26 months was 20 million units. What a pity, the crazy trend of electronic pets is no more than ten years and with the fast development of network technology, these electronic pets which can only be put in the pocket have lost the attractiveness and eventually take a back seat.

After the electronic pets, there are simulation pets such as Idog and Ifish in the toys market, the size of them is always palm size and they can express their emotions according to the different commands, which is based on a series of sensors. However, with the high price, about 80 US Dollars, and stiff exterior design, they were gradually replaced by one kind of high simulation electronic cat, which have the appearance such as the real cat. In addition, they can also express their emotions and if you embrace or scratch it, it also makes the corresponding response. Nonetheless, the price of such high simulation electronic cat is too higher, about 400 dollars and a lot of people says that it is better to buy one real cats rather than such simulation electronic cat.

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