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Dermal Fillers And The Safety Concerns Associated With Them

What makes a human being a human being is an increasingly complicated question

. As science progresses, we begin to work more and more in tandem with technology and the artificial aspects of our society. Pacemakers regulate hearts of those who would have previously died young while almost all of us have some form of lab created drug or chemical in our bodies at one time or another during our lives. In most cases, these artificial elements have dramatically increased the qualities of our lives by either increasing our mobility and abilities or even sustaining us and keeping us from death. However, with any element added to our bodies there are risks.

In one increasingly popular medical procedure, artificial elements are used to dramatically affect our forehead's appearance with little scarring or damage. These injections are referred to as dermal fillers. By using these fillers, specialists can flesh out areas of the face that may be wrinkled or sagging with time.

There are many benefits to this method over the traditional brow lift surgery. A small needle is used by technicians to inject the area with the filler. While the effects or surgery may last longer than using dermal fillers, the method itself is so noninvasive that it may be worth it to repeat the procedure as needed rather than face a sometimes strenuous surgery.

As with any medical procedure, however, there can be side effects. The most common side effect associated with the use of any filler is mild irritation and swelling at the injection site. However, for most people, this is minor and goes away in a period of hours or in some rare cases days. More serious complications can include serious rashes.

Fortunately, your doctor can foresee the potential risk by testing for allergies to the dermal substance prior to the procedure. Your doctor can also help you to avoid complications by consulting with your general physician regarding any potential health concerns that may make you a less than ideal candidate for the dermal filler procedure. Also, once done with your doctor should be available to answer any of your questions or address your recovery concerns.

Despite the risks, science has managed to make these fillers another safe element to add to the quality of our lives. At the end of the day, we can rest safely knowing that what makes us human goes well beyond what we use to live a full and happy life.

by:Abigail Aaronson
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