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Check The Compatibility Of Face Recognition Time Attendance System With Organization's Requirements

Just installing the various technological solutions is not enough to accomplish the organization's requirements

. The advancement should be such that it can fulfill the growing requirements of the organization. Few things that need the automation in the organization are the payroll generation for the employees, the access control of the employees, tracking of the visitors into the premises etc. all these areas needs to be automated to accelerate the management process.

The daily attendance management is a big task in an organization. But now due to the technological advancement it has become a minor issue. The face recognition time attendance system is the solution that maintains the daily attendance of the employees and thereby helps in easy processing of payroll for the employees and speed up the management process.

Efficient Biometric Time Attendance System:

The face recognition time attendance system is based on face recognition technology. This biometric face recognition device helps in tracking the time of the individuals while they are entering or exiting the premise. The time attendance system stores the timing details of the employees based on capturing their facial details. These facial details are stored in the database of the computer for the future reference.

When the person revisits the premise next time, then the face recognition software performs a matching process between the stored patterns with the newest captured patterns. When it finds a match, which proves that the person is authenticated therefore the timing details is thus marked and stored permanently.

Compatibility of the Face Recognition System:

While setting up of the system, it is very much required to check whether the system is compatible to the requirements of your organization or not. Various factors that can help you to check the compatibility of the system to your organization's requirements can be pointed as:

Bulk Load of Employees:

The strength of your company will help you to take the right decision in choosing the proper technological solution. Estimate the employee strength factor properly of your organization. Since face recognition time attendance system is based on fully automated process and it also posses a fastest matching algorithm therefore takes very less time to grant the authentication. Thus, it can easily manage the bulk of employees working in a sector.

Storage Size:

What if the organization is planning to extend in future? Will the existing system work with the changing infrastructure? With the biometric face recognition system, the data will get stored electronically. Whatever timing information the system will capture by verifying the facial details will be saved directly to the database of the computer. This will help in acquiring long term storage facility.

Access of the Data:

The data captured at a single place, is it accessible from different areas? A very expected factor that the data could be accesses from any location of the organization whenever needed. With face recognition time attendance system, you can be relaxed as the data is maintained in a centralized way which provides the access from various locations. In the same way, data from various locations can get stored into the single system permanently and can be coordinated as per the requirement arises.

These three factors will help you to measure the compatibility of the face recognition time attendance system with your organization's requirements. When the timing data will be captured and stored accurately then, the payroll generation would also become easy for the management. Thus, you will be able to establish a fastest and efficient organizational structure.

by:Swaty Agarwal
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