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Biometric Face Recognition Time Attendance: Company Expenses Reduced

Biometric Face Recognition Time Attendance: Company Expenses Reduced

Management is the backbone of any company. No company can survive for long with a weak management. If the employees of the company are the gems on a crown, management is the diamond studded at the center. Cost management is an important part of it. Profit can be maximized by reducing the overall expenses of the company but quality of the products should not be compromised. Biometric time attendance can be used to achieve this goal.

A face recognition time attendance system can be used to record the details of the employees. This is a modern technology that eliminates the need of many HR personnel. Corporate houses, offices, schools, hospitals and other such places have a large human presence. Their attendance and time spent on the premises need to be tracked. Leaves need to be calculated. Appointing individuals to manage the details of all the employees will prove uneconomical. Biometric time attendance software will cut down the costs without affecting quality.

Biometric time attendance with face recognition may assist a company in handling its finances in the following ways:

* Gives more time to increase productivity: A biometric time attendance system enables attendance keeping, payroll calculation and other related work to be automated. It saves the time of the employer. He can concentrate on increasing productivity and leave the paper-work at the helm of the application. Time is money; saving time is saving money for a company! Besides, the work carried out by a machine has fewer errors than human beings. Using a face recognition time attendance will produce quicker and accurate results.

* Less hassles faced than employees: Hiring employees to look after this work may prove cumbersome as compared to a gadget. Employees need to be remunerated at regular intervals. They may require leave for sickness, events, festivals and other such occasions. A face recognition time attendance system is free from such trouble. It need not be remunerated for its work at regular intervals. Confidential data is more secured with the application than with an employee.

* Face recognition over fingerprint and access cards: Time attendance software can also be combined with access cards and finger print readers. However, a company may find face recognition time attendance reasonable and inexpensive in the long run. Access cards need to be replaced at regular intervals. Cost of printing access cards is high. Unlike fingerprint readers and other biometric time attendance, face recognition is based on 'No Touch' technology. This makes them less prone to physical damage.

* One-time investment: Biometric time attendance system is a one-time investment. All it needs is a web camera, the face recognition time attendance software and a unit! The biometric time attendance does not require regular maintenance charges. Installation charges need to be paid only at the initial stages. The software needs to be installed, and the rest of the task will be done automatically.

Biometric time attendance combined with a face recognition device is a clear cut method for cost cutting in a company. Any company can progress, only if it manages its resources in an efficient manner. Biometric time attendance facilitates production by cutting back on unnecessary expenses.
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