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Biometric Face Recognition Access Control System: Structure of It

Biometric Face Recognition Access Control System: Structure of It

One may consider buying a biometric access control to keep the premises secured. It is an efficient replacement to the conventional lock and key. No unauthorized individual can enter the area. A face recognition access control system may be installed at the access point. Users about to use the system need to be enrolled into the application foremost. Next time onwards, they may simply look towards the camera. Their identity will be verified and they can gain admittance to the premise. Illegitimate entry can be restricted with the help of this application. Its use is growing tremendously. One may easily find it in small to big corporate offices, schools, hospitals, and high profile Government offices.

It is a good idea to consider buying this device for your premise. It offers enhanced security. You may forget the hassles involved in the manual door lock with this system. However, there are many things to reflect on at the time of purchase. Vendor dealt with should have an expertise in the field of biometrics. Experience and knowledge both of them count! Device should be a good quality instrument. Generally, an ideal biometric access control consists of the following parts:

Facial Detection Software

Application may not run without this software installed in any of the company computers or units. There are complete solution providers to a face recognition access control system. They even supply units for the installation of this software. Generally, license to operate the software is provided by the vendor. It may be installed in any of the units and connected to the access point for function.

High Resolution Cameras

Faces may be verified only if there is a camera to capture the facial details of the user. Clients should check the quality of the camera used by the vendor. High resolution cameras ought to be used to obtain sharp and clear images. Distorted images at the time of enrollment or transaction may lead to false rejection or false acceptance in the face recognition access control system.

Electromagnetic Door Lock

This is an important part of any face recognition access control system. Electromagnetic door lock enables the door to open and close as required. Size of the door is taken into consideration. Door controller is also supplied for connecting the lock and the unit. This enables connectivity between the lock and the unit. As the transaction is recorded in the software, the door lock accepts or rejects access.

This is what constitutes of an ideal face recognition access control. Certain requirements from the client side need to be fulfilled to use it efficiently. For example, there should be LAN connectivity at the installation site. UPS ought to be present for power back-up. There should be a single door for installing door lock system. Area should be sunlight proof and should be well lit for clear images. The biometric access control is ideal for premises that may be easily prone to illicit entry. It promises superior security. This is the main reason for its increased use. Application may also be found at households in the near future!
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