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2d Face Recognition System Vs 3d Face Recognition System

Biometric face recognition system is considered the most efficient technology in biometrics

. Fingerprint devices stand the risk of duplication and easy hacking. Besides, it may deny access if the fingers are wet or dirty. Iris recognition devices are too interfering. It exposes the diseases and other physical ailments which one may not wish to reveal. Voice recognition devices can fail to deliver results in some conditions, especially when the person is suffering from a sore throat. Face recognition system may not be perfect, but is advanced than the others.

A face recognition system may use 2D or 3D images as a template to store in the database. 2D images are common; 3D is less in use. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. 2D recognition works better if the illuminating light is moderate and is influenced by pose changes. Facial expressions and changes in the face due to aging may affect the recognition rates in a face recognition system. On the other hand, a biometric face recognition system using 3D model database is getting cheaper and faster than before. But the 3D model databases are very few.

A biometric face recognition system using 2D model databases takes into consideration only the two dimensions of the face. But the face is a 3D object! This makes the expectation level rise, from a 3D model database, with regard to performance. However, no experiment till now has been able to prove this popular belief. 3D data capturing is not completely independent of light variations. Different sources of light may create different models for the same face. Besides, they are still more expensive as compared to a 2D face recognition system.

2D represents a face by intensity variation and 3D represents a face by shape variation. A face recognition system discriminates between faces on the basis of the intensity or color of the features of a given face. 3D face recognition system discriminates between faces on the basis of the shape of the features of a given face. As the 3D images use a more reliable base for recognition, they are considered to be more accurate. However, a lot of improvement needs to be made in the field of 3D biometric face recognition system.

3D devices in the market are not as matured as 2D devices. For this reason, many people are reluctant to use 3D technology for facial detection. Constant improvements in the 2D face recognition systems are also an affecting factor. Companies are working on increasing the recognition rates of 2D biometric face recognition systems. Improving the existing technology seems more feasible than developing a new technology.

Experiments show that the combination of 2D and 3D technology yields better results. The use of multiple biometrics is more accurate than best possible sensor for single biometric. An accuracy rate of 98.8% was recorded in a recent study of biometric face recognition system using 2D and 3D images. The combination of two technologies outperforms the use of single technology in face recognition system.

Face recognition system is the future of security industry. However, at present it is not capable of handling the security of the entire premise independently. Enhanced quality of images stored in the database will give it the support to stand on its own.

by:Swaty Agarwal
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